Nella storia Anneris è stata l’amante di Ramses II, marito di Cleopatra, ma per Elisa questo non è importante.

Anneris è il nome ritrovato nel certificato di battesimo della nonna materna di Elisa. Una persona che è stata determinante nella sua vita, trasmettendole una grande passione per la Natura.

Who is Elisa

Elisa Vanin is a landscape designer by birth. A graduate of the University of Padua, she continued her education in the “Federfiori” school of floral art, finishing basic school and then high school. To give life to her project of making her own Flower Farm, she went to England where she learned to use what Nature conveys: flowers grown in the open field without the use of pesticides and reticules to have perfectly unnatural stems. After several sketches and plans, he made Anneris Flower Farm in 2017, a glass and wood house that pulses with the sound of flowers.

The Team

A team of only women, who with genuine passion are dedicated to the management of the Flower Farm, arrangements and realization of events.

The Farm

“I dreamed of a place that would reflect me, surrounded by greenery and flowers, transport me back in time to childhood with my grandparents, and bring to life the educational path I chose.”

We grow mainly Irises, Hemerocallis, bulbous, herbaceous perennials and berry shrubs.
Few arable crops, but with an emphasis on selecting varieties that do not require an excessive amount of water.